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Maasai Mara – Moments of Wonder


The Challenge

Reuters Plus were approached by the Governor of Kenya’s Narok County to encourage our audience of ethical travellers to visit the Maasai Mara. While the world-famous national park is always fully booked during the annual wildebeest migration, our client needed to present the Maasai Mara as a year-round destination and draw focus to the changes in Maasai culture prompted by the increasing interdependence between people and wildlife.

The Solution

No one is better placed to tell the stories of the Maasai Mara than the people who live and work there. The central pillar of our content strategy focused on allowing the experts, conservationists, guides and local communities to use their own voices in the first person to inform our audience. To allow them to do this, we created an immersive digital experience drawing in video and photography shot on location, supported by engaging editorial and experiential content. Our aim was to show that by visiting, travellers are helping to provide the income that will support the Maasai people and enable wildlife conservation to flourish.

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Digital Interactive

The story of the Maasai Mara lends itself perfectly to visually stunning content which deserves to be brought to life as part of an immersive experience. We designed and built a bespoke experience to guide our audience through the five themes we identified that draw parallels between the wildebeest migration and the way of life of the Maasai people.


A Reuters Plus production team travelled to the Maasai Mara to shoot content for five short-form videos based around the campaign themes. These visually stunning films, using only bespoke footage, cover the science behind the migration, life in a traditional Maasai village, the work being done to conserve elephants and more.


We interviewed key figures in the Maasai community and presented their stories as engaging articles written in the first person


To bring the travel experience of visiting the Maasai Mara to life, we created five listicles pulling together the absolute must-dos and the most memorable places to stay.