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Reuters Plus combines the authority of the world’s biggest newsroom with the craft and capabilities of a focused creative agency.

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When we tell stories for our partners,
we create impact and provoke powerful responses

Harness the art of storytelling

From short brand films to long-form features, traditional sponsorships to bespoke podcasts, photo galleries and immersive takeovers; everything we do is underpinned by best-in-class strategy, creative and distribution. We combine innovative content creation with data-driven strategies to make your stories work harder.

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Written articles are the lifeblood upon which Reuters has been built and remain a highly effective format to provide context for data and trends, take a position, and create influence.

When we tell stories for our partners – with a steadfast commitment to excellence, accuracy and relevance – we create impact and provoke powerful responses.

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Reuters is renowned the world over for its compelling news photography. Our global footprint and network of photographers allows us to bring your story to life anywhere in the world. Our Photoessays tell stories using large, bespoke imagery.

Video creation and production

Reuters Plus can produce a variety of video content to exemplify thought leadership and drive brand awareness. Ranging from digestible fast facts videos to infographic animations and longer-form videos, Reuters Plus will recommend the content best fit for your brand objectives.

  • Fast facts: inform your target audience with impactful explainer videos.
  • On the Ground: our Reuters@ package positions partners at the heart of our events, as facilitators or active contributors – producing compelling thought leadership around global events and macro themes
  • Documentaries: a powerful vehicle to discuss one complex topic from different angles in depth, or to cover a range of topics with expert voices.

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Thinking about launching a podcast?

Reuters Plus Podcasts for Professionals are a highly effective way for partners to get their voices heard. 

The world listens to Reuters; it has done for more than 170 years. Our Podcasts for Professionals provide a unique opportunity to harness the experience and expertise of our global production team to communicate with clarity and authority.

Whether conveying a complex corporate vision or predicting industry trends, wanting to connect with industry leaders or host essential debates, we can help you cut through the noise.

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Harness the power of visual storytelling through interactive and creative graphics

Our infographics are designed to structure information in a narrative format that capture the attention and make it easier to digest. Often accompanied by concise, targeted copy, Reuters Plus infographics can significantly boost the effectiveness of our content partnerships.

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Reuters@ puts our partners on the ground and in the mix of conversations that matter

Reuters is welcomed at the world’s biggest events and continues to grow its own portfolio. Reuters@ is thought leadership at scale for professionals around pivotal business moments and macro themes.

Whether tacking climate change at COP or discussing transformative innovation at Reuters NEXT, we provide unique in-person and video interview opportunities for partners of all sizes.

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We provide 360-degree client support throughout the custom content production process

Account Management

Dedicated project managers will work with you on feedback, approvals and sign-offs, ensuring full visibility before going live.

Bespoke Amplification

Whether you want to be big in Japan or to go truly global, Reuters Plus can structure an amplification plan to meet your needs and target your audience.​

Research & Analysis

Campaign performances are optimized and analyzed to formulate thorough post campaign analysis (PCA) reports.

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